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Profile and history for Marmalade, the mythical magical mystery man (as he is known among his Happy Hippie friends back in Vermont).


Marmalade comes from the magical land of the Rainbow Wizards. It's a country of rolling, flower-covered hills dotted with forests and groves and mossy glens, rock-spired canyons and floating islands. The Rainbow Wizard tribes live in colorful tents among the flowers or in rambling tree houses, and some live in little boats on the rivers that wind through the hills to the sea. It's a country of tangerine trees and marmalade skies and a beach where sunset never ends, a land of peace and magic, love and music, incense and peppermints and strawberry alarm clocks.

In short, it's pretty much a stoned hippie's dream world. If there were travel brochures for the Rainbow Wizards' world, they would look exactly like a Peter Max art poster. or a Roger Dean album cover.

The Rainbow Wizards don't need to smoke the weed or nibble the 'shrooms that bring mortal minds to their world. In fact, most Rainbow Wizards are content to remain in their own Happy Place, but occasionally one will venture forth into the multiverse. They usually don't stay long, though, because most other worlds are too full of noise and conflict and terribly busy people.

When Marmalade first came to visit Earth, he just happened to drop in to San Francisco in June of 1967. The Summer of Love was in full swing. He felt right at home, except the music was even better.

First impressions stick, so Marmalade always expects humans to be Flower Children, or at least he believes all humans have the potential to be as free and peaceful and trippy as a Rainbow Wizard. He's spent a lot of years on Earth and in other worlds since then, and so far, nothing he's seen has shaken him of that notion.


Rainbow Wizards do magic as naturally as regular humans eat, sleep, and have sex, or better. In fact they do most of those things better than most modern humans do them, too. But in a similar way, overindulging in magic has consequences ranging from mild lethargy to exhaustion and from slight mood changes to madness - but the worst result of the over use of magic is boredom. Being boring is pretty much a crime among Rainbow Wizards, and in the world of regular humans, it's about the only crime a peaceful Rainbow Wizard is ever likely to commit.

Though Rainbow Wizards like a sip of dandelion wine or a puff of a pipe now and then, they are generally unaffected by the drugs and other substances that humans use to reach altered states of consciousness, except in the occasional case where it hits one of them like a ton of bricks. On the other hand, they may become positively giddy after indulging in good food, good music, or other kinds of sensory stimulation. It's a natural high. It's also a very effective contact high: a person would need a fairly high tolerance to not be affected by the presence of an intoxicated Rainbow Wizard.

Marmalade's own personal magic tends toward luck and serendipity. He can also conjure objects out of the Rainbow version of Hammerspace, usually small things like flowers, toys and trinkets, but he's conjured up objects as large as an oboe and a bicycle. He can also enhance the pleasant effects of experiences like food or music, and almost anyone can, at least temporarily, sing or dance or play an instrument if Marmalade is an attentive member of their audience.

He can also enhance the effects of drugs and medicines in humans. He has a little skill and knowledge as a healer.

The interaction of his magic with other magic is unpredictable - his may increase the power of the other magic, or the other magic might cancel his out completely. This is entirely random, he's never been able to find a pattern in it. Rainbow Wizards are adept at seeing patterns in everything, even when there may not be any, but this makes them all the more fascinated by true randomness and chaos.

Marmalade can also sometimes understand the speech of animals and the thought of sentient inanimate objects. He gets along particularly well with VW's. He usually lives in his brightly painted converted schoolbus, Pandora, who is apparently very fond of him.

Personality and appearance

Marmalade is the ultimate idealist - innocent, even naive in a way, with an almost childlike wonder and joy in almost everything. Innocent - but not virginal. Just to be clear.

Marmalade has claimed the age of 19 among humans, though he looks a few years younger; he is actually much older in Earth years, but still considered a young man among the long-lived Rainbow Wizards. He has lived most of the time among a group of self-named Happy Hippies in a small community in Vermont for the past 30 years, with various side trips to other countries and other worlds, and a few visits back home.

He has very black hair with blue highlights, black eyes, a rather slight build, and a charming smile. He generally wears blue jeans embroidered with flowers and peace symbols, and tee shirts which are often tie-dyed, and in cooler weather, he wears a long, dark blue cloak. He usually wears sandals but will switch to boots in cold or muddy weather. His predominant colors are blue and orange.


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